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2011년 5월 3일 화요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Clinic in Bundang - Implant Types

1. Flapless Implant

Flapless dental implant surgery is the type of implant surgery where incisions are not utilized during the surgery. The use of CT scans and computer guided implant placement techniques has allowed us to be able to place dental implants directly through the gums without the need to visualize the bone. This is because the CT scan gives an accurate three dimensional representation of the bone and surrounding structures. Flapless dental implant surgery allows for faster healing, less inflammation and less post-op discomfort and pain. In some cases, flapless surgery may not be possible and traditional techniques may be indicated.

2.  One - Day Implant

One day implants (immediate load implants) it is now possible to walk away with a temporary crown firmly in place on the same day the pin has been implanted into your jaw. Not only has new technology reduced the time it takes to perform an implant but implant procedures can now be performed with minimal invasive surgery. Within one month of the original surgery the permanent crown can be fixed into place and the tooth implant is complete.

3. Immediate Implant

One of the advantages of immediate implantation is that post-extraction alveolar process restoration is reduced, thus affording improved functional and esthetic results. Another advantage is represented by shortening in treatment time, since with immediate placement it is not necessary to wait 6-9months for healing and bone neoformation of the socket bed to take place. Patient acceptance of this advantage is good, and psychological stress is avoided by suppressing the need for repeat surgery for implantation.

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