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2011년 5월 2일 월요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - NYU Implant Group

NYU Implant Group
We are dedicated to providing high quality dentistry in a caring and gentle way using the very latest dental techniques. These specifications include implants, aesthetic restoration and teeth whitening amongst other procedures.

We have a cooperative treatment system with New York University and are honored to offer you the most extensive treatment available.

We use a dental hand piece, an ultraviolet disinfection system and a German water system that are effective in keeping the patients away from any bacterial infection, which helps us to ensure the best standards of hygiene.

We have introduced the ‘CompuDent System’, which is a painless anesthetic method.

Bundang Hushu Newyork Dental Clinic is a dental hospital that has a cooperative system with New York University. The hospital has adapted systems including a painless anesthetic method, counseling with patients, dental hygienist’ s care with delicacy and anti-bacterial care, CT, specialized diagnosis with laser, computerized tomography with Novel system and the German water system ‘JU-WEL’. New York University Hospital is currently using the same system.

If you have any inquiry, please call us at 031-701-9944

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