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2011년 6월 15일 수요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - Floride Application

Have you heard about the benefits of Floride??
The greatest breakthrough in preventive dentistry during the last fifty years has been the use of fluoride.

Sources of fluoride
We recommend fluoride toothpaste for all of our patients. We may also recommend additional sources of fluoride for you to use at home. This includes fluoride drops, tablets, or prescription toothpaste. Fluoride rinses or gels are sometimes prescribed to help eliminate germs that cause gum diseases. All you need to is just after squeezing floride into the tray and bite on it for 5 minutes
We may also apply fluoride to your teeth immediately following a dental cleaning in our office. A topical gel is applied with the use of a tray or with a cotton applicator directly on the teeth. Fluoride is an important part of every prevention program. When combined with the good dental habits of brushing and flossing, the number of cavities in children and adults can be dramatically reduced.

The benefits of fluoride
There are many benefits in the use of fluoride for people of all ages. When children are young and their teeth are forming, fluoride joins the enamels surface and makes it harder and more resistance to decay.The benefits for adults are just as great. Fluoride can help repair an early cavity, even before it’s visible in the mouth, by rebuilding the enamel layer of the teeth. Fluoride is also helpful in older adults, to help solve the problem of cavities in the tooth root or root sensitivity.

Just You need to be careful not to eat and drink for an hour after fluoride application .

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