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2011년 7월 22일 금요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - Autogenous Bone Grafting

Bone Grafting
In order for a dental implant to be successful the patient must have sufficient bone in the jaw to place into. Bone graft is the most common surgical dental procedure associated with dental implants. Usually the quality and quantity of bone in the jaw is reflective of how the bone healed after the tooth was removed. It is vital dentists placing dental implants be proficient at bone grafting techniques or knowledgeable enough to diagnose them. Thanks to advances in dental techniques and technology, the bone graft is very safe and effective in the dental implant restoration. Once it is placed, it will help replace missing bone, stimulate bone formation and increase bone volume.

When is bone grafting necessary?
1.The most common use for a Bone Grafting is during a Dental Implantation. Quite frequently, the dentist realizes that there isn’t enough bone to support the implant. A weak bone structure might be caused by factors such as gum disease, injury, trauma or missing teeth over a long period of time.
 2. In case of people whose jaw is too short or too narrow, bone should be added into the jaw before the implants can be placed.
 3. Recovery time before inserting the implants is usually between 6 to 12 months following bone augmentation.

Autogenous Bone Grafting
Autogenous Bone Grafting involves utilizing bone obtained from the same individual receiving the graft,  Bone can be harvested from individual tooth especially located in chin area. When a block graft will be performed, autogenous bone is the most preferred because there is less risk of the graft rejection because the graft originated from the patient’s own body.

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