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2011년 7월 1일 금요일

Hus'hu Newyork Dental Clinic - What are advantages of Dental Crown??

 Dental Crowns or caps, are custom-crafted restorations that cover a tooth's entire surface. Crowns fit over teeth that are broken, cracked, or otherwise structually compromised. Dental Crowns are often used after endodontic therapy(root canals) to provide strength for damaged teeth and can be used in conjunction with dental bridges and dental implants to replace missing teeth.

* Why do teeth need dental crowns?
A dentist might recommend placing a dental crown for a variety of reasons but, in general, most of these reasons will usually fall within one of the following basic categories:
A) To restore a tooth to its original shape.
B) To strengthen a tooth.
C) To improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth

1. Gold Crown
 Because of its physical properties, dentists find gold to be a very workable metal. Gold crowns withstand biting and chewing forces well. They will not chip. It would be uncharacteristic for a gold crown to break. Of all of the types of dental crowns, gold crowns probably have the greatest potential for lasting the longest.

2. PFG (Porcelain Fused to Gold)
 PFG crowns are ideal for back teeth. Less tooth structure needs to be removed with PFG crowns as they wear less than ceramic ones. People who have a habit of clenching their teeth under stress, grinding their teeth in their sleep, have a strong bite, or chew excessively hard might benefit with a gold crown as it provides a stronger support to the healthy teeth, compared to ceramic crowns. PFG crowns are suitable for molars where there is heavy chewing and not as harsh to the opposing tooth.

3. PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal)
Depending on your needs, crowns are made with a porcelain veneer that covers only those aspects of the crown that is readily visible, the other portions the crown have a metal surface. These crowns are strong enough to withstand heavy biting force, yet have an excellent cosmetic apperance.
 These Porcelain Fused to Metal(PFM) crowns look like natural teeth and are stronger than ceramic crowns. PFM crowns are attractive matched to your natural teeth.

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