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2011년 8월 23일 화요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - Sweet escape to Korea : Somaemuldo

Trip to Somaemuldo!!

Where do you wanna go for your trip when you get bored from very busy and hectic city life??
Visiting  fun spots in Korea might help rejuvenate your tired body and mind.
I've been to Tongyoung with one of my american friend ' Jen' in march.
Tongyoung is a harbor city that is surrounded by eastern coast of South Korea
The most interesting memory I remember in Tongyoung was visiting the Somaemuldo Island. Surrounding ocean was so beautiful and spalking blue ! It was shinning under the sunshine.
A bit windy but I could feel relaxed and also felt peaceful looking around all the views on the island.

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