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2011년 5월 25일 수요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - Teeth Whitening Process

       Our qualified professionals will work with you to discover the solution that will  best meet your individual needs, so that you can restore your teeth to their natural whiteness. All of our teeth whitening treatments are safe and proven to lighten the shade of your teeth

Step 1 : Prior to Beginning the procedure, the client’s teeth color is checked against shade      guide
Step 2 : Teeth scaling before teeth whitening is recommendable for  a maximum  result of teeth whitening 
Step 3 : Photo shoot of teeth will be taken to compare the natural teeth color  to the one after teeth whitening.
Step 4 : Lips protection is applied to the lips to protect it from the strong light of a laser.
Step 5 : A Gum protection is placed on the teeth.
Step 6 : Teeth whitening gel is applied to the teeth surface of 16 to 20 of the upper and lower front ‘smile ‘ teeth
Step 7 : Whitening Accelerator is employed, placed facing the teeth for 10~15 minuites in each of the three cycles.
Step 8 : Photo shoot for checking about how much brighter the teeth got  after the procedure
Step 9 :The entire whitening process is complete after 3 sessions of teeth whitening.

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