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2011년 5월 25일 수요일

Hus'hu NEWYORK Dental Clinic - Why Hus'hu

We appreciate your inquiries
Take good care of your body with the help of Hus-hu (who’s who) Cosmetic Dentistry.  We can alleviate your dental concerns by offering a variety of exciting ways to maintain your health and beauty. 

Why Hus-hu NEWYORK ?

1.At Piedmont Vista, Safe care is our primary concern
2.Professional, Affordable Cosmetic dentistry and non-surgical treatments
3.With an Excellent track record of Highly Satisfied Patients
4.An International Clinic Itself, Service in Multi-languages
5.Luxury Environment
6.The National Health Insurance card is accepted by all hus-hu Branches

Menu of Dental Services
Implant Clinic
Painless Surgery, One day Implant, Scalped- free,
Computer guided device placement
Cosmetic Dental Clinic
Laminate, All Ceramic.
Teeth Whitening Clinic
Intensive Whitening, Brite Smile,
At Home Teeth Whitening
Periodontal Surgery Clinic
Crown Lengthening, Gingivoplasty
Laser, Gum bleaching Soft-Tissue Grafts
Esthetic Prosthodontic Clinic
All Ceramic, Zirconium Crown, Inlay, Crown
Periodontal Clinic
Resective Osseous Surgery, Subgingival Curettage
Root coverage graft
Wisdom Tooth Clinic
Computed tomography (CT), Platelet rich Fibrin(PRF)
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) Clinic
Mouth  Guards, Stabilization Splint, Botox

English - Speaking Dentist in Seohyeon. Affordable implant treatment . General Dental whitening special offers in Seoul  Canal Filling Resin filling Cosmetic dentistry Dentist work in Bundang US Board Certified Dentist US Licensed Dentist US Dentist in Seoul Practiced currently Licensed in US

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